How it works

How it works

Here you can promote YouTube videos and can also earn Money by watching other YouTube videos. The system works in a way that the amount you give to promote is given to those who watch your videos. But here you can select how much views you want and can also earn from other creators videos

How it works

Earning Coins

You can earn coins by watching short videos and even by inviting your friends to join. And later convert those coins to cash and Redeem.

Watch videos
Watch Videos of other YouTube creators and Earn cash from them for every view you give to them
Earn Money
Once you earned enough amount of cash then redeem money into your paytm account

What are those coins?

Coin = virtual currency used on our website, which can be earned from different activites and can be converted in real cash, paid through paytm.

How to Redeem paytm cash?

After you have enough coins (minimum withdrawal is $1.00, which means 835.00 coins), go to Redeem cash, choose the amount of cash you want to Redeem and your paytm payment method and place a request. We will check the request and send the money in 4 hours.